Competitive power


Each DCT device is including data processing software CircuitCAM 7 and machine controller DreamCreaTor…


Configurable with automatic feeding system, industry standard interfaces and MES integration…


Since 2002, DCT has led several laser precision machining technologies and explored their application in the field of electronics.


Most of the equipment in Dezhong can choose different types of loading and unloading systems and set up standard industrial interfaces, which can be integrated into MES system to support the collection, distribution, product tracking and distribution of operational data, and can be customized according to the needs of users'production lines.


According to the specific application needs, Germany and China strictly select and customize optical devices worldwide, take the lead in engineering a variety of advanced optical technologies, and create unique excess value for R&D and even mass production and processing.

Core control

Whether it is pulse auto-following technology, flight processing, multi-axis linkage technology, combined with the software and hardware independently developed by Germany and China, it adapts the mobile system from the bottom, taking into account the requirements of precision, speed and complex path.


The team of Dezhong Company has been engaged in software, hardware and application work of high-end special equipment industry for decades.


German and Chinese standard equipments adopt modular design. For each specific application, different components, software and processing platform can be selected to form a standardized customization scheme, which has more advantages in quality management, delivery date and cost.


Use DCT equipment, materialize your design, takes the road of
independent innovation.
Share DCT technology, realize dreams, keeps the tree of ideal
and aspiration evergreen.